The Ideal Solution

We believe an ideal release pipeline should:

  • Make it possible to spin up and tear down environments quickly and easily. This facilitates testing and makes your entire infrastructure more robust by preventing snowflakes (brittle environments with custom changes).
  • Be able to easily reproduce the state of any cluster at an arbitrary point in time into a different cloud account.
  • Give you confidence in what you’re releasing to prod by having tested that exact code in a lower environment (e.g. staging).
  • Scale to allow individual developers to work in isolated environments – either on dedicated clusters or in isolated parts of larger development clusters.
  • Let developers get to work quickly on developing new features or fixing bugs instead of having to waste large amounts of time setting up dev/test clusters and cloud infrastructure first.
  • Make it possible to recreate parts of a cluster so devs don’t waste time installing stuff they don’t need
  • Be robust enough to be able to resume failed installations when developing without tearing down the entire stack
  • As much as possible allow developers to work locally before developing in the Cloud.
  • Free developers from CI/CD system during local development or testing in non-live environments (e.g. if your release pipeline is a custom Jenkins library, being forced to always deploy through Jenkins can complicate and slow down development).
  • Clusters should be cattle, not pets. You shouldn’t have to tend to them – just spin one up and tear the old one down.

This can largely be summarised as:

Developers should be able to concentrate on coding, not fighting the release process.

Sugarkube aims to be this ideal solution.

But but… we’re too special!

You may be tempted to think your stack is particularly unique, but unless you’re operating at massive scale your release process can probably be summarised as:

Release different versions of applications in different environments creating whatever infrastructure they need.

If that sounds like your organisation you’re in luck. That’s what Sugarkube aims to help you with!